Shortlisted: GIL Art & Design Consultants with their stunning Beijing residence

GIL Art & Design Consultants have been shortlisted with a second project in the Residential £1 – £2.5 Million (Project Value) award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2104.

The Yunhe Residence in Beijing is a grand villa is the crown jewel in the entire luxurious development in Beijing. The splendor is simply unparalleled. A classic imperial life style blends into the palatial architectural interiors. The villa is designed as a true embodiment of classical Chinese values and aesthetic ideals. It is not just a mere revival of classical decorative traditions of Ming and Ching Dynasties, the interior design is an expression of the modern pursuit of an ultra-luxurious life style.


A careful orchestration of classical Chinese patterns is utilized as the backbone of space planning. The ritualistic rhythm of progression in space is achieved. The emphasis of symmetry, balance and harmony in spatial concepts reflects quintessential Chinese spiritual ideals. Gold-leafing is used profusely to decorate the ceiling and various architectural details. Nobody can miss the symbolic status of gold as an emblem of wealth and power form ancient to modern times. Other auspicious ornamental details like birds and flowers, fish and insects has specific meaning in traditional Chinese cultures as symbols of good luck, happiness and prosperity. Jade and bronzes vessels juxtapose with rich embroidered textiles and silks in a myriad of jewel colours. Area rugs with custom design add a magnificent finale in the interior decoration scheme.


The entrance foyer has a square vault shaped like a crown. A strong sense of formality and dignity is achieved with the pair of large Chinese landscape paintings on the walls of both sides. The use of screens and portals unfolds vistas after vistas of grandeur and beauty. The ancient Chinese approach of connectivity of spaces in the house is brought to life again. Different bedrooms offer different decorative schemes to celebrate the life style of the cultured and the wealthy class. The master bedroom has an elaborate headboard design with hand-painted silk wall-covering and classical Chinese pillars. Blue and white China and exotic wood convey a sense of majestic elegance.


Practicing tea ceremony in leisure is the most refined past-time for the Chinese. Inner peace and tranquility is cultivated through the appreciation of art and beautiful objects while tasting tea. The basement level houses leisure facilities like home theatre, multi-functional hall, SPA and swimming pool. The huge study room reveals the awe-inspiring collection of seals, artifacts, ceramics, scholar rocks, ink stones and scrolls etc. Oversized calligraphy decorated the walls with a poetic impact. This imperial residence brings to our minds greatness of Chinese long history of culture and the arts.