Shortlisted: Ingenium Design Group in the IH&P Awards 2015

Ingenium Design Group have been successfully shortlisted for the Restaurant within a Hotel Award (The Americas & Caribbean) at the 2015 International Hotel & Property Awards.

IHP2015_Yellow Door_8 (Large)

The Yellow Door Bistro is a playful portrayal of purposeful randomness through a miscellaneous blend of simple details. Gradients of time are also expressed through a combination of modern and period elements. The furniture intermixes romantic styles of European restoration pieces with punctuating and contemporary influences.

IHP2015_Yellow Door_10 (Large)

The restaurant welcomes with a monolithic, historical-inspired yellow door oddly situated in commercial glass walls of the entry. A curved metal Z-bar partition allows a visual connection but denotes the central private dining area. A shared Harvest table leads into the jewel box-like wine room featuring interactive by-the-glass wine dispensing technology. Oversized domed armchairs and living room style seating create pockets of intimacy for individual dining groups.

IHP2015_Yellow Door_7 (Large)

Repetition within the design detailing echoes a fluent and dynamic quality. Two feature walls display reclaimed historical wooden shutters in an interplay of texture and geometry. Hand-blown glass light fixtures strewn throughout create rhythmical and boutique accents. Classic forms and a backdrop of neutrals are offset by touches of gold and brightly coloured contrasts.

IHP2015_Yellow Door_9 (Large)
As a hotel-based renovation, deconstruction of the original space was critical for integrating the new design with existing elements while articulating functionality. The design directive transforms the former restaurant into a completely new and original entity while addressing the client’s need for a chic, yet accessible setting which seamlessly transitions throughout the day (including breakfast, lunch & dinner services). The ‘Yellow Door’ concept alludes to a fundamentally unexpected and almost whimsical experience which becomes instantly evident upon entering the restaurant space.