Shortlisted: Jack Badger for the Flooring Award in the IPD Awards 2015

design et al are delighted to announce that Jack Badger will compete for the Flooring Award in the International Product Design Awards 2015.

In this ever disposable world Jack Badger have approached the subject of flooring with a focus on sustainability and efficient use of material’s. Inspired by trips around period properties like Haddon Hall and Little Moreton Hall and the such they have adopted age old methods of making and fitting their oak floors. Designed to last and minimise waste when manufacturing, Jack Badger lay their floors in traditional bays and finish them with traditional hand tools, combined with the use of a modern computer based planning system that works out the bays as you enter the timber used.


Jack Badger’s understanding of the timber that they have specially selected for their floors ensures that when their wide oak flooring is laid even over underfloor heating it remains stable and flat, coupled with the system of laying their floors in bays which makes the product sustainable as well as beautiful.


This is by no means a new design for flooring, however to look at old ways and designs and reintroduce them into the modern world, for Jack Badger, works extremely well in as much as they have stood the test of time and without realising it our ancestors were an environmentally friendly bunch. Every board in a Jack Badger floor is numbered and entered into an overarching room plan after being machined to its maximum size in the workshop. Due to this every board is completely different from the next making them entirely non-standard. This requires a level of intelligence in the process which is where the home built computer tool comes into its own. Jack Badger feel that due to every tree being a different shape and size it is only fair that they utilise the whole of every plank, in essence this pays homage to the life of the tree which in oak is a very long time indeed.