Shortlisted: JARKEN for Office Award at the ID&A Awards 2015

design et al are pleased to announce that JARKEN have gained another Shortlist spot in the Office category for the International Design & Architecture Awards 2015 with their project ‘SLC Aesthetic Centre’.

SLC Aesthetic Centre is a stunning luxurious chic aesthetic centre and office with lots of design stories for one of the most distinguished medical brand in the heart of Bangkok. This 300 Square meter medical facility houses more 10 physicians and more than 20 staff and designed to incorporate only exclusive VIP client in private waiting area.


The project illustrates ultramodern design that incorporates accents reflecting organic forms of the client’s brand identity “butterfly”. The designer has created a themed design from the pleasure we take in beauty, shaped by evolution. SLC aesthetic centre bears her brand character and medical capacity for aesthetic pleasure bestow on the true beauty of women. Her iconic “butterfly” depicts evolutions of métier from its origins onto her full-grown. The ancient Greek word for “butterfly” primarily means “soul” or “mind”. In Chinese culture, two butterflies flying together symbolize love. There are 3 main concepts of design in this exquisite space that compliments the client’s branded space; Nature, Secluded and Artisan.

NATURE: Nature forms all living things with unlimited possibilities, indefinite pleasure. The designer therefore apply organic forms and shapes of nature to represent every features in the design in order to compliment true women’s aesthetic pleasure. The design alignments are meant to be perceived as if it was uncontrolled, drifted and sometimes unpredictable just like what happens in life.

SECLUDED: All illuminated lines are created in such a way that people could feel the strength into beauty coming out of the space. LED Lighting and shadow effects also accolade the evolutions of the design paradigm. The corridor is designed in such way that it bring in visitors and patients a context of growing into a butterfly pupa in mysterious approach.

ARTISAN: Artistic depictions of butterflies have been used in many cultures so did into this design. The designer brings in artistic sense within the butterflies such as their sophisticated color, wings and its patterns applying to new graphics, decorate stones hidden into the space forms. This also appears in the treatment of wall, corridor and throughout the area as a whole. Materials used to reflect this concept are grained dust stone crafted carefully for this project, customized glazed mirrors and leathers.



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