Congratulations to KNS Architects, winner of the Asia Pacific Residential £1 – £2.5 Million (Project Value) Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2014

KNS Architects successfully won the Asia Pacific Residential £1 – £2.5 Million (Project Value) award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014.

The modern and futuristic décor has been visualised with wide gamma of ‘Pop’ colours and materials infused together to create a ‘Statement’. The interiors are an ensemble of various forms and colours. The colour scheme was conceptualised as bright and clashing yet harmonious in the overall scheme. Grey acts as a neutral backdrop to set off the colourful furniture adding depth to subtle hues and making bold tones pop.


The modern-contemporary furniture maintains the same novel spirit. The forms chosen are fluid and sleek to create a lighter and more spacious feel. The pop style has been carried out throughout the house in the living, bedroom, bathroom as well as the kitchen. Quirky wall treatments and artistic furniture pieces were added to create a buzz. Each room has been given an intensive colour splash in the form of art, glossy surfaces, materials and furniture.


The home is very cohesive in the design and layout with clear zones. The partial open plan creates a visual continuity between the living room and the rest of the spaces. The use of translucent materials such as coloured glass contributes to this effect. This allows an opportunity to spend time together as a family whilst in these different areas. Over all the apartment interiors radiates colour and energy making it a fun and lively dwelling for its inhabitants.