Mercurio Design Lab: Shortlisted for the Asia-Pacific Interior Design Awards

Mercurio Design Lab : Shortlisted in the ID&A 2014 Asia-Pacific Living Space category.

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The interior scheme is consistent to the exterior building concept, which is the alluring hint to the sun rising on the sea line of the horizon. The color palette used for the interior is a consistent gradation of warm and bright tones. The terracotta roof with red and orange hues reproduces the colors of the sun while the travertine facade compliments its warm sensations.

Travertine also exudes its warmth, like the sun does, everywhere in the interior ground floor, even in the basement and all the way to the common corridor of the second floor almost as a welcoming introduction towards the privacy of the bedrooms. From here travertine leaves the scene and a feast of colors of various other materials take the stage. Here the brown of the burmese teak wood, the lively intense red, yellow and orange of curtains and carpets, the carefully selected combination of furniture and commissioned artworks provide the necessary accents for an exciting visual melody that maintains that comforting warm feeling which exudes what Alba is all about.

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The simplicity of the lines deliver a very strong and warm feeling while walking and gazing around. Intentionally the spaces are not overdecorated. and the sense of space plays a major role in the design of Alba.

This is especially obvious at the first floor level where the dining and the living areas merge into one to generate a large unobstructed hall that faces the pool where one can dive in straight from the dining space. The openness of the area expresses itself at its best in the stunning view that spans from the main road through the house, across the canal all the way to the golf course.

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 Consistency is one of the most important rules obeyed by designer who requested to lead the way from the master planning all the way to  the underlying theme of the sunrise. Even the paintings were carefully conceptualized and sketched one by one by the designer and commissioned to various local and international artists to recreate a sunrise, a seafront or a seascape at dawn.