Congratulations to Munna, winner of the Seating Award in The International Product Design Awards 2014

design et al are pleased to announce a successful win for Munna in the International Product Design Awards 2014. The Hughes Sofa competed in the ‘Seating’ Category.


Grand and majestic, the Hughes sofa has a vintage touch, combining noble materials such as wood and metal, while transpiring a feeling of extravagance and singularity. Hughes breaks the symmetry of its back through the gentle swell that follows the smooth line of the body.


The Hughes sofa was inspired by the great dreamers and mavericks of the early decades of the 20th century, and was designed to become an object of desire with classic appeal, and designed to spice up and adorn any living space. This new classic designed by MUNNA is made through a blend of unique artisanal and traditional processes with an uncompromising desire for creative innovation. MUNNA is inspired by a comprehensive array of influences, carefully curated to create emotive and evocative design. The Hughes Sofa is a design statement that embodies the paramount values of the brand.

Upholstery: Cotton Velvet, ref Blue Grey, CV07;
Upper Footer: Gloss ebony wood veneer;
Lower Footer: Polished Brass.

W: 240 cm | 94,5”
D: 95 cm | 37,4”
H: 95 cm | 37,4”
SH: 44 cm | 17,3”