Shortlisted: Nikki B Signature Interiors in the ID&A Awards 2015

Dubai-based Nikki B Signature Interiors have been successfully shortlisted for the Gulf States Living Space Award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2015.


Emirates Hills is a new 3 bedroom residential apartment in the Financial District of Dubai, designed for a young family. The brief was to develop a scheme that covered dual tastes of traditional and more transitional neutrals and colours, using quality materials and giving a unique sense of style.


For Nikki B Signature Interiors, a key aspect of the project was working with the leathers, woods and glass combinations that were installed.


The team created a glass panel wall that would still keep privacy but would let the light through from the main windows.  The sandblasting on the glass echoed the same delicate pattern on the leather panels and  also detail on the wood trim.


The apartment is now light and airy, yet at night it remains cosy with separate living spaces for adults and children.  One of the reasons the design works so well is because of the detail which creates many interesting features, particularly for a smaller space.