Shortlisted: NR Group for the Bedroom Award in the ID&A Awards 2015

We are thrilled to announce the second Bedroom shortlist for NR Group in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2015. This 27,000 Sq Ft house is set in six acres of beautiful Surrey sculptured grounds within woods and bordered by a world famous golf course.This grand Surrey Mansion has been designed with an international flavour and with input from NR Group at an early stage to the developer, Octagon Developments have constructed a breathtaking home with spaces that take into account the requirements for a fully functional international family home in the heart of Surrey.

Nr Group Bedroom - Private Residence Guildford, Surrey, UK  Thumbnail

Natalia particularly understands the need for natural light and spaces that are not dark, so her clever use of colour and fabrics is clearly evident in every turn. Curved glass bay windows and the extensive use of glass in this art deco style has meant that the design of curtains has had to be painstaking to ensure a warmth and character which NR Group were keen to emphasise. Doors open out onto a terrace overlooking a sculptured and landscaped garden enveloped by pine trees which give a feel of privacy and tranquility.

Nr Group Bedroom - Private Residence Guildford, Surrey, UK Image 3

The master suite dressing room is lined with Italian mirrored cupboards and Swarovski crystal lighting and connects beautifully to an equally beautiful glittering mirrored and marble master bathroom. Natalia has walls adorned with neutral colours combined with artwork of her heroes, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn which is why NR Group designs feel intimate and personal.

Nr Group Bedroom - Private Residence Guildford, Surrey, UK Image 2

Careful use of neutral colours to walls combined with warm fabrics and detail to super king size beds add to the grandeur of this master suite. Italian dark wood furniture contrasts perfectly without disrupting the calm that NR Group have created. This luxury Surrey residence is located close to Gatwick&Heathrow Airports,Farnborough Private Airport and 40 Mins from Central London, yet with carefully construction, landscape and interior design means that you feel a million miles from anywhere.