Further Shortlisted: Prestige Global Designs project ‘Orchard Residences’

design et al’s International Design & Architecture Awards 2015 are pleased to announce that Prestige Global have been further shortlisted into the Asia-Pacific Residential £1-2.5 Million Award (project value) category with their project Orchard Residences.

A Sanctuary that Rejuvenates the Senses…

As a sanctuary towering above one of the world’s most famous shopping districts, The Orchard Residences in Singapore represents the pinnacle of luxury available only to a privileged few. The project’s client gave Prestige Global Designs a design brief calling for living spaces to be crafted from the highest quality materials and furnished with timeless accessories from the world’s most iconic brands. The design had to showcase the building’s grand view of the city and ultimately convince even the savviest property investors to make one or more units their own. At the same time, while creating a setting for the most lavish lifestyles, the design had to be neutral to appeal to the widest array of customers. It was also important that the design carried no religious symbol or meaning. Working with the existing layouts, size and number of rooms, Prestige Global Designs chose a contemporary luxury resort theme.

Wood, marble, sandstone and plush rugs; vibrant floral motifs; and a neutral yet rich palette of gold, beige, brown, red, orange and green was used to create a refined yet luxurious atmosphere. Tea-coloured mirrors were used creatively to catch natural light and further the concept of space within the property. Gold trimmings were also added meticulously such as around wall features, paintings and mirrors to lend a subtle and refined additional dash of luxury. Decorative touches and tableware were all painstakingly sourced from renowned design brands.

As in all successful interior design concepts, lighting was an important consideration from the very beginning. Besides having general lighting for practical reasons, energy saving and easy to maintain LED lighting was used to accentuate prime wall features and paintings. For example, LED light strips were installed in the living rooms to achieve a luxurious atmosphere and accentuate the attractive sandstone-cladded walls.

The main design intent of Prestige Global Designs was to create a highly luxurious sanctuary in which residents could relax, revive and rejuvenate. Therefore, elements such as silk soft furnishings, essential oil burners and diffusers, candles and candle holders, decorative woodcarvings, water feature and a combination of both natural and dark stained timber all helped to achieve the required ambience of a peaceful retreat from the bustling city beneath the property. In addition, the entire property is infused with the fragrant scent of lemongrass.