Shortlisted: Restaurant and Nightclub by Edem Art & Design

Edem Art & Design have been shortlisted for the Retail Space award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2015.

The client had tasked the design team with creating a unique holiday place, which would be able to combine a restaurant, bar and dance hall, as well as to create an atmosphere for relaxation and socialising, for the convenience and comfort of visitors .


 The overall design is in a contemporary style to fit in with the surrounding area and establishments, but it has a definite Georgian feel running through it. The main idea for the design was a close collaboration of opposing ideas for an immensely satisfying and unique project.


For the designers, the key aspect of the project is the forged iron divider allowing the viewer a subtly look from room to room while creating a sense of privacy within the space.


Edem Art & Design