Shortlisted: SABDES Superyacht Design for the IY&A Awards 2014

Shortlisted for the Yacht Concept Design over 30m Award in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014, Project X, submitted by SABDES, is a concept study for a large Megayacht to be based around a Builders platform.


The 145m ‘X’ started life as a means to allow some unrestrained creativity in exploring current and emerging styling for these size vessels. ‘X’ has also been evaluated by various well known Northern European Builders with a view to offer her to their clients based upon their proven Technical platforms. ‘X’ has a profile that is sleek with a purity of line, the minimal detailing not emphasising the scale of the yacht. She does not have a traditional mast, preferring to hide away the normally seen equipment in a funnel shaped shield.

SABDES 145m_YAD_01

The version shown has a float-in-dock for a 20m boat, fore and aft helicopter landing areas with the aft having a hangar capable of storing two helicopters out of the weather. An alternate arrangement configuration does away with the 20m float-in-dock aft, changing this into a huge beach club / wellness / diving area with an indoor 20m pool. Large glass areas built into the sloping transom directly above, filter sunlight in. The fwd section of the main Owners deck has dual functionality of being a Portuguese Bridge and wave-breaker; its full height forward inclined windows face onto a glass backed 8m x 4m swimming pool.

SABDES 145m_YAD_03

A forward helicopter landing deck gives the Owner direct arrival onto the Owners deck. SABDES offer three different bow options; The knife bow shown, a conventional flared bow with bulb below the waterline, and also a combination flared/knife where the stem turns vertically down into a knife directly below the hull knuckle.

SABDES 145m_YAD_02