Shortlisted: A-Sign Studio in the Concept over 40 metres Category

A-Sign Studio has been successfully shortlisted in the Concept over 40 metres Category of the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015.

“Ice” is a 65 meter project designed by Francesco Struglia, with a platform fully compatible with a brokerage, private or “business” layout. The concept has been designed keeping an eye on the chromatic appearance of an iceberg.


The “business” version hosts 8 cabins and the forward area is converted to a solar plant, to power some features, such as the air conditioning for the conference room connecting top deck and upper deck. This version can be rented for extended company meetings, or similar. In the top deck the helipad leads directly to the conference room.


The stairs going through the mast to the top dining ring, have structural meaning, leaving more visibility to the sides. The conference room, with UV protected glasses, is able to host 16 people on the main seats, and 6 additional people on the front bench.


The room between the screen and the benches permits a flexible usage of the ambient. This room leads to the lounge panoramic deck, ideal for informal meetings and dinners, with a second galley, and exterior area. The “host” area is well divided from this “meeting” area. 4 cabins are on the front main deck, and 4 in the lower deck.


The “Private Version” has the same identical platform , with two main differences. The forward solar plant is replaced by a standard sun area, which is missing in the business version, and the 4 main deck cabins, leave place to a 110 square meters Owner’s suite. All the concept exterior and interior floor consists of composite materials. This is the reason why Francesco could experiment with new forms, forgetting the classical “wooden” appearance.