Shortlisted for the Ski Chalet Award: Cittolin Polli & Associés SA

Cittolin Polli & Associés SA have had further shortlist success in the ID&A Awards 2014, with their project entering the Ski Chalet category.

The project is a family chalet combining elegance, luxury, technology and space while respecting its environment.


Marmottiere Chalet can be found in the famed Swiss resort, Verbier. It was designed to meet the optimal perception of design and luxury in the respect of the environment.


Every aspect of the chalet’s design is a tribute to its natural surroundings, benefiting from the latest eco-friendly technology, tools and materials to ensure minimum impact on the environment.


Performance, elegance and sophistication:

– Performance through a roof with two slopes that establish a proportional composition of volumes and flows of light and views throughout the building.

– Elegance and sophistication through the different materials used such as reclaimed wood and the reinterpretation of traditional materials, achieved by combining these with more sophisticated materials and the introduction of lacquer, mirrors and glass that plays with the light created for natural lighting on every level.

Using the same logic of aesthetic effectiveness, the technical and technological interpretation throughout the chalet result in the perfect balance between performance and elegance.


A favorite aspect for the team is the space treatment conserving heat materials such as old wood and natural stone and the treatment of the detail for give the luxury and an relation with the environment.

The design is help to work well by the relationship between the noble materials and the technology respecting the alpine environment.