Shortlisted: Smallbone of Devizes for the Kitchen Over £100,000 Award

Luxury kitchen designers and manufacturers, Smallbone of Devizes, have been shortlisted for the Kitchen Over £100,000 award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2014.

The Brasserie Kitchen is a new lifestyle kitchen from Smallbone of Devizes fusing traditional handcrafted techniques with a contemporary industrial feel.

To create a kitchen that has a strong dual purpose, both as a social hub and a cooking environment. The Smallbone of Devizes client will use the kitchen daily, even if they are not cooking everyday in the space. It’s both atmospheric, with a strong design element, as well as being practical and friendly at the same time.


Three islands of varying sizes each serving a different purpose – tepan plate and griddle, gas hob, prepping and entertaining space replicating the more relaxed lifestyle of modern contemporary living. By combining different workstations, you can prep, chop, wash and cook while talking to family and friends. Every detail has been carefully considered from flat satin nickel plated tab handles on small drawers and u-shaped flat handles inspired by saucepan handles to a stainless steel plate rack with square section bars to a moveable hostess trolley that has been re-interpreted for today’s lifestyle, that comes complete with a warming drawer, which sits against the wall when not in use.


The entire design of the kitchen has been carefully thought through, with ease of access to a range of appliances and workstations that work from every section of the kitchen regardless of which zone you are in. This enables multiple people to use the space at the same time. An oversized dresser with open shelving, with deep top cabinets and glass sliding doors negating the need to move items from the worktop in order to open the cupboards. The use of long horizontal strips of pickled oak, chosen for its knots and character, emphasizing the natural and beautiful variations in the timber give it a modern twist that is both beautiful and functional.