Shortlisted: Studio K-7 Designs for the Restaurant Award

Mumbai-based Studio K-7 Designs have been successfully shortlisted for the Restaurant Award in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2014 with ‘Wah Marathi’ in Pune, India.


The eating-out culture has gained tremendous momentum over the years. People have become very adventurous in their food choices and experiment with different cuisine styles from across the world. While this in itself is not at all a bad thing, what too much of extraneous influences do is that they overshadow local identity. The décor of this restaurant was inspired by this thought.


Theme decors are fun; but can get monotonous over time. A contemporary styling manages to interest patrons more. Very often, Indian Regional Cuisine restaurants use Indian motifs and design elements in the décor. Here the attempt is to take out only essential extracts from Maharashtrian regional culture and infuse the otherwise contemporary styling with a touch of rural Maharashtra. The fusion of earthy and contemporary extends a very different experience for the patrons.


The décor was based on the concept of creating a sense of nostalgia in the local patrons’ minds subtly; without letting the cultural overtones completely overpower the space. Therefore the base for the styling was chosen to be contemporary; with certain elements lending the nostalgic touches – to create an overall delightful fine dining experience. With simplicity as the primary guiding factor, an earthy look was chosen and splashes of bold colors were introduced through various elements such as traditional local artifacts, displays and merchandise. An engaging play of light and shade – with a cleverly designed lighting pattern enhances the divine experience generated through organic components like wood and stones.


The overall experience though quite emotive, showcases Indian/Maharashtrian culture and philosophy ingeniously; without compromising on the functional and visual factors. The restaurant does its bit towards the underprivileged sections of The most important design decision was to use Eco friendly, indigenous materials and traditional construction techniques. Exposed brick work with wire-cut bricks and creative use of brick-bonds is a highlight in the central portion of the restaurant. Two long walls separating the two sections are clad with horizontal strips of wastage from wooden planks, Plywood and raw wooden slices; in an attempt to recreate the effect of dry stone masonry and random stone masonry on the compound walls of Maharashtrian villages. The raw wooden logs cladding on the counter wall is symbolic representation of ancient stone masonry structure in rural India and particularly in Maharashtra. The flooring in leather-finished black local stone (Cudappah) is reminiscent of old Dravidian architecture.