Shortlisted: Studio Tesei for the Bedroom Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Studio Tesei celebrate further shortlist success in the ID&A Awards 2015, this time for the Bedroom Award.

Studio Tesei - Santa Maria Bedroom Thumbnail
This home-studio is located in the historical Roman centre of Milan. The various floors are connected vertically by a single stairway. The top two floors allocate the living area with terraces progressively set back which are furnished and designed to be the outside dining and living room. The bedroom features four windows creating an extremely bright room designed to be cozy whilst at the same time elegant. There is a contrast between contemporary materials and furniture with antique family pieces.

Studio Tesei - Santa Maria Bedroom  Image 2

The full-height glazings create a visual relation with the church and with the terraces. The project of the interior follows two main themes, such as the dialogue with nature and with history. Nature is declined in the pavements, made in extra-white marble mosaic and oak wood, in the lime stucco of the bathrooms walls made with the same old Roman technique and lime paint of the rest of the walls.The dialogue with history is reflected in combining contemporary design pieces with memories of the past such as old family furnishing and paintings.

Studio Tesei - Santa Maria Bedroom  i|Mage 3

There is use of old techniques such as stucco and mosaic in a modern reinterpretation. The design features custom made furniture, mixture of new design pieces with antique furniture together with old paintings and African Art.