Shortlisted: Su Misura for the Asia-Pacific Residential £2.5-5 Million Award

Su Misura have been successfully Shortlisted for the Asia-Pacific Residential £2.5-5 Million (Project Value) Award at the 2014 International Design & Architecture Awards, with their project ‘One Shenton’.


One Shenton is designed to fuse with the opulence skyline of Singapore’s Central Business District; in which it is located. The brief was to create a luxury British contemporary style four bedroom unit catering to a family of four. The primary goal is to create a comfortable environment meant for entertaining friends and work partners.


The designer created a study room that can be doubled up as a guest room. The walls of the study room were removed and the study room lends itself visually to the living room. It can be easily transform back to the guest room by closing the decorative sliding door. This enhanced the living and dining spaces without compromising on the privacy. The large windows in the living and dining area allow ones to have a panoramic view of the cityscape. Surrounded by the wonderful sceneries, the living and dining room have been furnished with bespoke furniture, positioned to allow easy conversation and effortless entertainment.


Special attention was given to the details and materials of the soft furnishing to make the bedrooms feel luxurious and inviting. As one sits behind the study located in the master bedroom, they will be able to enjoy the view of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore’s most iconic landmark. The designer proficiently uses bronze-tinted mirrors to reflect the exterior view, creating the illusion of experiencing two views from both sides of the windows. Additionally, warm light with a neutral colour palette makes a smoothing environment for all the bedrooms.