Shortlisted: Topos Design Studio for the Lobby/Public Areas/Lounge Award

Topos Design Studio have been Successfully Shortlisted for Lobby/Public Areas/Lounge Award for the 2014 International Hotel & Property Awards. A spatial experimentation that involved a modern twist on classical design to create a vibrant and invigorating sensory experience. The Meydan Grandstand Royal Enclosure is designed for the exclusive use by the Royal Family of Dubai and for their international guests during the Dubai Horse Racing Season.


The brief calls for a design that was out of this world that is grand yet elegant. And most importantly, it must be colourful and spectacular. The design was inspired by a Peacock and it’s Feathers. The spatial identity has to entrap and captivate the audience as well as to consume them. It also has serve as a conversational piece.


An extremely difficult project with many intricate details and multifaceted design on various multi-level spaces. The main entrance lobby space with the bespoke designed chandelier above the finely detailed marble flooring featuring various precious marbles, her handcrafted glass columns and leather stitched paneling The reception lobby floor is designed intricately with various semi precious marbles and stones. The ceiling chandelier with her multilevel coloured crystal glass feather leaves are carry through the overall design intent.


Clever use of various materials and attention to intricate details can be seen in the specially designed carving on the panels, the glass circular columns, and the fish scale walls, the hand tufted carpets and the leather patterned stitch wall paneling that are featured all through the various spaces.