Shortlisted: THE WHOLEDESIGN for the Bar/ Club/ Lounge Award in the IH&P Awards 2015

Japanese design firm, THE WHOLEDESIGN, has been successfully shortlisted in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2015. The Exex Suites, located in Gifu, Japan, will compete for the Bar/ Club/ Lounge Award.


The Exex Suites is a building with bridal facilities, including bars, lounges and restaurants. The main concept for the project is “Timeless & Borderless”.


THE WHOLEDESIGN did not just want to make the place a modern designed space, they wanted to incorporate the history of the surroundings into the design, making sure it is a one of a kind experience for the customers and guests who visit.


The designers tried to include a sense of Japanese within the European/ American design. The design works so well because of the attention to detail. For THE WHOLEDESIGN, this was particularly important in order to make the project “shine”.



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