Congratulations to Crestron International, winner of the Home Cinema Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2014

Crestron International have successfully won the The International Design & Architecture Awards 2014, with their Home Cinema Room entering the Home Cinema category.

This home cinema demonstrates how a Crestron system can be seamlessly integrated in a home, office, hotel or any living environment. The emphasis is on luxury and the creation of a calm, welcoming and beautiful space which allows you to not only enjoy the surroundings created by Louise Bradley but to see the full range of Crestron products working at their best.

Home Cinema_hidden

With its impressive integration capabilities, the Crestron system is capable of managing content from multiple platforms, providing the user with one, simple to use and intuitive interface. Total integration is possible and the showroom demonstrates control of Blu-ray® and DVD Players, Movies on Demand, PlayStation®, X-box, Sky TV®, iOS and Android® devices – if it has a chip in it, Crestron can control it.

The stylish media unit has been designed for the showroom, using a striking combination of timber with bronze recesses. Technology does not visually overpower you in this room at all, as equipment is cleverly hidden away – at the touch of the wireless Crestron control panel discreetly placed on the stunning coffee table, the media unit’s doors open to reveal the flat screen TV nestling inside.

Home Cinema

The hidden gems of this stunning home cinema are the projector and 110” screen that drop down smoothly and quietly from the ceiling – with a variety of pre-set and customisable lighting scenes, the room transforms from a cosy sitting room to a surround-sound home cinema at the touch of a button.

Crestron’s lighting control system provides a variety of different ambiences – whatever the chosen luminaire. Look up and you will see elegant coffer lighting, subtly illuminating the space and creating a feature of the ceiling itself. Featuring luminaires and control from Crestron’s Green Light® portfolio of lighting solutions, the lighting throughout the Showroom create great visual effects, are easy to operate and through good energy management run as energy efficiently as possible.

Home Cinema Hidden

Although a sleek Crestron panel is always on hand as a fixed controller for the home cinema, Crestron’s intuitive free mobile app also allows you to take control of all the technology and systems in the room. You can monitor and control lights, media, climate, security and more through a mobile broadband or Wi-Fi® connection – all with the touch of a button.

Audio is provided to the various zones within the showroom thanks to the SonnexTM Multiroom Audio System. The discreet speakers from Crestron’s AspireTM and EssenceTM range, strike the perfect balance; delivering pristine, impactful sound quality with minimal impact on the décor, thanks to paintable zero-bezel grilles.