Shortlisting Luxury Categories: Senosiain Architects, Amoeba House

Senosiain Architects have been shortlisted for the ID&A Awards 2014, with their project Amoeba House entering the Architectural Glasshouse over £150,000 category.

Overall, this is a prime example of the new era of an Organic House with a great view to a golf course.


The project is located within a private dwelling complex, with a golf course, surrounded by the lush vegetation of the area and located at just 120 kilometres away from the city of San Paulo. The land is privileged, since it faces to the fairway and has the ideal orientation to the north. Moreover, a requirement of this site is that all buildings should be located as ‘islands’ at the centre of a chosen piece of land and there are no fences allowed in their adjacencies.


The program needed three different common areas, requiring specifically defined spaces: the kitchen, the TV room and a game room; hence, we decided to create a “three leg” ground floor containing the above mentioned areas which, at the same time, were connected by wide open areas. Those areas include the dining room and the living room, offering uninterrupted cross views both to the golf course and to the garden surrounding the house. On the upper floor, supported on three “legs”, there is the intimate area, which has spectacular views towards the golf course from the bedrooms and the family room.


In order to ease circulation within the house, most of the furniture was integrated into the construction, except those in the dining room, the garden and the pool areas.

Finally, considering Brazil’s climate, sliding doors were suggested to be placed in the dining room to integrate it into the terrace and pool area when they are opened.


A key aspect to this project was the intention to adapt the house, the terrace and the pool to the natural ground slope and leave the garden integrating it to the golf course. In other words, the golf course extended within the piece of land.

This design works so well because the house seems to belong to the field, like a living organism in the grass, and the inhabitants of the house feel the same.