SILKPATH GRAND HUE HOTEL & SPA by YC Interior Design & Consultant Company

YC Interior Design and Consultant Company have been shortlisted for Restaurant – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021.

The most important part of this project is that YC used a unique mosaic method to combine the art of Temple of Khai Dinh by art photo with the combination of technology and hands to create a striking highlight in the Main Hall, Extra Hall, and European Restaurant. The concept was developed by the stories about the history and culture of the country, people and life, but still maintain the style contribute to the maximum functionality. The Style of the design is a mix of East and West as well as always giving customers value. The spirit of culture and approach between the current development and the past is evident throughout the layout of the property ranging from the material to the detailed manner for each product whether it is fabric or desks, chairs or more 1 highlights that small corner store on one of the products.

Each passing space leaves the cross to Hue to understand the culture, history, and locality through the Nguyen dynasty, which is thoughtful, the design discovers the beauty, history and inheritance that YC wants to send to the guests when coming to Vietnam. You will see the traditional and modern features interact with each other through the materials used to express the Vietnamese handmade hands when doing this work through grinding stone, wash stone, mosaic, tile, cotton, fine art products, tables, chests. This creates culture put into hospitality project!

When using handmade products, YC always carefully researches to find suitable solutions when put into application as well as related to maintenance to Hotel ‘s operation. This is very important for any designer when making a 5 star hotel according to international standards. From function to technical solutions, it is always clear that when designing the design plan from the beginning, it has been carefully calculated for the construction solution, rather than focusing on aesthetics without regard to technical solutions.

The strength of YC is always to update the latest materials and high technical solutions to apply and always avoid the latent defects in the previous ones that have been acquired. YC’s design is application design, not design on stage. Therefore, when the 3D and reality plan is reach 99% accurate.

YC Interior Design and Consultant Company

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