Sims Patrick Studio Shortlisted for Hotel Over 200 Rooms Award (The Americas & Caribbean)

Sims Patrick Studio have been successfully shortlisted with the Sonesta Philadelphia for the Hotel Over 200 Rooms Award (Americas) in the Fifth Annual International Hotel & Property Awards 2015.

16. 1035_05_Sonesta_Philadelphia (Custom)

This custom-designed, boutique hotel combines functionality, modern details, traditional materials and references. It becomes an interactive art showcase and full of exciting details that are enhanced by lighting: dramatic, bold, memorable, interactive and sleek. The urban modern boutique hotel lobby is in itself a sculptural piece of art… a “jewel box” with a striking street level appeal as well as a dramatic stage set on the inside.

8. 1065_04_Philadelphia_Sonesta (Custom)

It features a revolving art collection and is very interactive for the guest, representing the new and upcoming Philadelphia vibe. To bring the outside in was a major driver in the development of the first level floor plan.

12. _1065_10_Philadelphia_Sonesta (Custom)

The condensed public space component provided the opportunity to craft the space with a saturation of design style. The objective was to use patterns and materials found in business fashion to inspire the floors, walls, and focal points.

14. 1065_11_Philadelphia_Sonesta (Custom)

The spaces are open and inviting to the passersby. There is a high level of detail and contrasting textures in accent walls and features. The lighting is designed to create zones that evoke emotions of surprise and whimsy as well as create a buzz, accenting art to create different moods as guests move through the lobby to the gallery to the coffee house and into their rooms.