SKEW Collaborative Reach the Residential Property Asia & Oceania Category

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SKEW Collaborative have reached the Shortlist for the Residential Property Asia and Oceania in this years International Design and Architecture Awards.  The project in Shanghai is the alteration and addition of Wulumuqi Road Apartment.

In the re-design of this top-floor apartment, the original flat roof was partially demolished to give way to an attic addition. This attic took reference from the vernacular form of the dormer window found in the neighbourhood  The triangular form of the dormer window roof served as an archetypal form that was rigorously applied to this project – with all of its implications of structure, envelope and geometry.The addition of an attic bedroom and study meant that the main floor can be freed up as an enlarged loft-like living space with an open kitchen, instead of its original walled up bedrooms and living room.  On the programmatic level, the new continuous form not only gave rise to the fluid expression of the staircase, but it also gave an organizational logic to other functional needs of the apartment, such as roof level access to a small outdoor roof patio, as well as a passively cooled interior, where hot air is able to rise and escape through the new attic windows. The rest of the apartment was kept relatively plain and simple, where the existing industrial steel windows, wooden flooring and white plaster walls were retained, in anticipation of the unfolding elements from the new attic space.


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