Ski Family Residence by Rebecca Clark Design

Rebecca Clark design shortlisted for Ski Chalet Award in the International Design and Architecture Awards 2020.

The Challenge of this project was combining 2 large 1970’s apartments into 1 penthouse. It created a very long living area with incredible mountain views which needed to be broken up into zones for it to work properly as a space. A central dining area opposite a 5 metre kitchen bench-top was decided upon. This allowed for 2 living area zones – “relaxation” for general living and lounging and the “cocktail” zone for the entertaining area.

Rebecca Clark Design

The client specifically requested on having a fireplace. This was designed and installed opposite the kitchen area which anchors the dining space. The space had to be adaptable for small and large groups. The Interiors had to have light and dark elements and be suitable for both summer and winter.

Rebecca Clark Design

It is a sophisticated, warm, relaxed and luxurious space, a striking mix of dramatic materials and textures combined with light and dark colours have been used to create this feel. The stone fireplace adds warmth and depth to the room whilst also being the focal definition of the breakup of the separate zones within the large long living area. Some unique furniture pieces have been used such as the Arflex “Marenco” armchairs in aged leather which were originally designed in the 1970’s and the custom made twig side tables.

The space is flexible and adaptable for small and large group of entertaining. The depth and length of the kitchen bench gives the client a space which can have various activities going at the same time. Drinks/cocktails can be poured one end, while cooking is being perfected at the other.

Rebecca Clark Design

External surrounding and finishes are always a consideration in a rural setting. The kitchen and both living/seating areas were given the best visual impact of the distant mountains. This view is spectacular for the client as they view the sun setting over the mountains each evening. Rustic elements such as the custom twig side tables and console tables reflect the sometimes harsher elements externally. The home is very atmospheric, light and dark colours have been used in the main areas in contrast to the snow and brightness of the external conditions. Natural finishes such as stone timber have been used extensively throughout to reflect the exterior elements.

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