Skyline Rhyme by YHS Design

YHS DESIGN shortlisted for Hotel Under 50 Rooms – Asia Pacific Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2020.

Skyline Rhyme focuses on functionality which helps to form the space. The interiors capture the neighbouring views to bring the surrounding environment outside in – joining both nature with the everyday life. A grey and white colour palette is combined with wooden hues, and grey marble textures which define the luxurious interior. On the exterior, walls are adorned with marble and vegetation further combining the natural surroundings and allowing both functionality and aesthetic to evoke the delicacy of the space together.


There are 34 rooms in Skyline Rhyme and each room has its own uniqueness and imagination. Each room has an open-air balcony, which creates “a great private space”. With the unusual scale of the space and ambience, a unique design was carried out on this project by YHS Design. As for the arrangement of the interior space, the size of the living space and bathroom is bigger than an average hotel room, therefore producing an exceptional luxurious space. Plants and natural landscaping are important elements that were visible in each room since natural landscaping is said to be more durable and long-lasting than decorative materials.


Most hotels emphasize design and comfort, but Skyline Rhyme wants to put the emphasis on how the breathing rhythm of nature can be incorporated into the design. This is viewed as a rare result of the design, especially when located in a bustling urban area.


Skyline Rhyme is a rare case in terms of hotel design, it is a space that offers a resort-like ambience while being in the highly dense urban centre. Skilfully planned through design and architecture to create a relationship between city and nature, large windows bring the natural elements outdoor into the interior space and seamlessly integrates both sights. Meanwhile, the living space and bathroom are not only unique but are exceptionally extended to welcome travellers to a natural and comfortable ambience.


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