SolarImpact SWATH 78 by SolarImpact Yacht AG

SolarImpact Yacht AG have been shortlisted for Concept Under 40 Metres in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020

The SolarImpact 78 is a completely new designers leisure vessel. By developing the yacht, SolarImpact Yacht AG will be a leader in the implementation of sustainable mobility solutions in the yacht business.

SolarImpact Yacht AG

Consequently, the design follows the maxim of gathering a maximum of solar based energy in combination with a wealth of open and luxurious living and sailing comfort. This is indeed a combination that seems to be rare.

The SWATH technology, never used in the yacht industry, gives one the opportunity of a uniquely smooth sailing experience, without significant rolling. Sea sickness will be a thing of the past. The fuctioning of this SolarImpact technology was proved in multiple tests. The 250 sqm solar area will generate the energy for a day to day usability of the vessel.

SolarImpact Yacht AG

The range of purely electrically driven cruise will exceed what is currently on the market. A 800kwh battery capacity will store the energy to feed the 2,500kw electric engines. If the owner chooses, they will be able to accelerate the vessel up to a speed of 20 knots.

Besides all those technical innovations, the owner can enjoy all the comfort of a modern leisure yacht. The wide and open living space, especially the size of the salon and master cabin will show the size of a comparable 100 ft yacht.

SolarImpact Yacht AG

All in all, this vessel undoubtedly serves to provide a fantastic combination of future oriented technology within the luxurious living context of the superyacht sector.

SolarImpact Yacht AG

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