Congratulations Spagnulo & Partners Shortlisted for a Bathroom Award

design et al are pleased to announce that Spagnulo & Partners have been shortlisted in the International Design and Architecture Awards 2016, for a Bathroom Award

In the basement of the contemporary apartment in Milan, a private living room leads to a spa area with sauna. The Turkish bath follows the design theme with curving walls, finished in Sicis mosaic.

The stunning indoor pool is curvaceous in form, ensuring every element of the property is aligned with the overall creative vision.


Every detail is expertly curated into unconventional and highly stylised interiors. Materials, forms and details present a unique form of eclecticism. A fluid duality of cubes and curves, straight and sinuous lines, is presented in a combination of effects and finishes that works together harmoniously. Within the architectural structure of the space, rounded pillars are presented alongside sharp-cornered cuboid ceiling details.


The clients’ refined style and passion for contemporary art required an interior design concept to interpret a completely new language outside the traditional ways of expression and complement the architecture of this exceptional private villa in Milan. Designers Igor Rebosio and Federico Spagnulo have reinterpreted artistic movements, from modernism to cubism, to create a design theme inspired by the exquisite curving form of the property’s central spiral staircase.


The interiors draw together a complex combination of elements united by a single vision, thanks to the uniform treatment of reflective and iridescent surfaces and a repeated palette of brown, grey, bronze and cream. Materials are luxurious and sumptuous. Rebosio and Spagnulo focused their concept on comfort and personal wellness, designing the exquisite bathrooms as miniature spas and the walk in wardrobes as tiny boutiques. Suspended ceilings are finished with LED lights to suggest a variation of lighting moods for day and night.

Rebosio + Spagnulo