Spritz 102 by Alpha Custom Yachts

Alpha Custom Yachts have been shortlisted for Motor Yacht Exterior Design 25-40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

“If someone were to ask us to sum up the vision underlaying the Spritz range, I would tell them to grab a tape measure and take a tour on-board. Eighty-five centimetres is the minimum net width of each staircase onboard the Spritz 102, and that is only one of many outstanding figures on this pocket superyacht.

Alpha Custom Yachts

To design the 102, we had to mute our instincts and approach the paper sheets with a rediscovered ingenuousness, that which is crucial to truly innovate. We challenged every notion hitherto acquired in our experience with exterior styling and laid out lines and masses previously unseen, all while abiding to the core request from the brand, which was “make everything comfortable, make everything right”.

The Spritz 102 is not comparable to any other yacht in her size range, because the whole design approach was to ignore all the compromises that are usually accepted to make yachts either cost-effective or unnecessarily conservative in style or layout.

Alpha Custom Yachts

From the 8+ meter beam to the size of the guest cabins windows, from the width of the mattresses to the massive plunge pool, all areas on board exude the same luxurious feeling of uncompressed space, a thing rare to be found on anything that floats. The design of everything on board, down to the apparently insignificant details, has not been confirmed until we were happy with the certainty that the look, size and – most important – functionality of it was the best achievable, regardless of what would be dictated by “yacht design” standards.

Alpha Custom Yachts

Four people spent more than one year in our studio designing what we consider one of our most intriguing projects so far. Along with the outstanding responsiveness from the yard, and the amazing vision from Alpha Custom Yachts, Spritz 102 is a statement of exceptional team work and undoubtfully a project we are extremely proud of.” – Giorgio Cassetta, Interior Designer of Spritz 102.

Alpha Custom Yachts

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