Squared MK Ltd - NYX 75M

Congratulations to Squared MK Ltd shortlisted for the Concept Over 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2018

Luxe et al are delighted to announce that Squared MK Ltd have been shortlisted for the Concept Over 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2018.

NYX was designed with extra attention focused to the aesthetics and proportions of the yacht. Squared MK Ltd designed its primary purpose to express the power and beauty of an iconic vessel, the kind of superyacht that catches attention. As a one-off design, NYX has unique details, with spaces designed and thought to be modern, light and fascinating, whilst still functional. The designer’s objective was to create a challenging 75 metre vessel with strong character, for an hedonist and active owner passionate about yachts, architecture and driven by a dynamic yet charming lifestyle. With a crew of 20 the NYX superyacht can accommodate up to 14 guests.

Squared MK Ltd - NYX 75M

NYX is a one of a kind creation, designed to be stylish, beautiful and overall, incomparable.  She is functional, yet harmonious and elegant. Some of her interior features, such as the owner’s deck, the underwater level beach club, the circular pool and the iconic stairways, adds rare beauty to this project. Many concepts nowadays are too extreme and inefficient. The designer’s goal was to create a vessel that not only is unique, but remains functional, performs well and respects traditional aspects of yachting that cannot be ignored.

Squared MK Ltd - NYX 75M

Squared MK is a new and visionary studio born from the dream of doing design at another level. They challenge themselves to achieve innovation through thinking and dreaming at a level that only architects and designers can do. A new generation of talented professionals shall emerge to transmit their values and ideas – only by doing so they can explore new design codes and architectural solutions. NYX represents a modern generation of yachts designed by new professionals that will carry on the great heredity of yacht design.

Squared MK Ltd - NYX 75M


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