Congratulations to Squared MK Ltd shortlisted for the Seating Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2018

Luxe et al are delighted to announce that Squared MK Ltd have been shortlisted for the Seating Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2018.

Florence is a unique fully custom storage bench for superyachts and luxury homes. Squared MK Ltd designed Florence to fulfil practical aspects such as seating and storage, to create a unique product from its shape, function and style. This unit can be fully customised to match any interior style or specific requirement. This way the customers, including interiors designers, can create their own version by choosing the overall sizes, upholstery, wood, stitches, colour tones and even the interior storage layout.

The original version is 150cm long, 50cm height and 60cm width. It is suitable for interiors and exteriors, made only with the best materials by Italian craftsmen. The designer has found that customers love that they can fully customise this crafted object. Each version of the Florence seating bench has a serial number showing that it is unique and personal to the customer. It is not just furniture, it is a jewel.

Squared MK Ltd - Florence Seating

The ergonomics of this unit was studied and proved to answer customers’ requirements. Being fully custom, the environment style can be matched, and the overall dimensions can be specifically tailored.  Squared MK relies on the craftsmanship and passion of a great team of Italian artisans that have worked with wood, steel and leather for generations. Their dedication and heritage are part of the essence of their creation. Florence is a challenging design to achieve and those who work with steel can certainly appreciate its finesse.

Squared MK is a new and visionary studio born from the dream of doing design at another level. They challenge themselves to achieve innovation through thinking and dreaming at a level that only architects and designers can do. A new generation of talented professionals shall emerge to transmit their values and ideas – only by doing so, they can explore new design codes and architectural solutions. Florence is the existing proof of a high end and unique product delivered by a new talented team.

Squared MK Ltd - Florence Seating