St. James Interiors who have been shortlisted for Table Design Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020

St. James Interiors  shortlisted for Table Design Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

St. James Interiors designed The Dhan Desk specifically to be placed in the study of a luxury, state of the art residential property located in Windsor. This incredible sculptural piece enhances its surroundings and establishes a strong dynamic presence to the study and the entire property. The design brief required St. James Interiors to create a modern, yet classic look that fit in with the design ethos of the residence. The inspiration for the Dhan originated from the sleek and sharp angles incorporated within the architecture of the estate. The triangular and hexagonal forms enabled St. James Interiors to create illusions from certain angles, and through the intricate use of angles and bold modern colours, fused with traditional brass detailing, the desired style of the modern art deco piece is achieved.

The Dhan is completed with a solid walnut drawer, a high gloss gun metal finish and satin brass inlays, creating the perfect power desk that the client desired. The design team worked with the craftsmen during the design process to find ways to create the sharp angles, giving the desk its amazing shape. Initially presenting itself as a challenge, the design and crafts team have been able to perfectly execute an exceptional finish for the Dhan Desk.

Traditional joinery details such as dovetail drawers, and the company’s carefully crafted logo discreetly engraved into the sides of the drawer, are implemented in the finishing pieces for the Dhan. The completion of the piece was only possible due to the combination of a five Axis CNC, and the craftsmen who understood the ways in which to assemble it once all the pieces were finalised. The Dhan Desk is a true team effort and a celebration of real British craftmanship.

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