St. Phillips Bakery by Viso Inc

Viso Inc have been shortlisted for Lighting Scheme Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020.

A custom lighting project for the new St. Phillips Bakery has been designed and implemented by Canadian studio Viso Inc, working with the interior designer to ensure that there is a seamless integration between the structure and the bakery space, working together in perfect harmony. Having these elements working together for the final outcome has resulted in a sophisticated and well-designed finish.

Viso Inc

The project was designed to celebrate the evolution and growth of a family owned business with deep culture and values, whilst leading a path which is ahead of its time. Viso Inc took the challenge and worked closely with designer Truong Ly: according to the designer’s vision, Viso Inc has successfully design-engineered and fabricated a one of-a-kind fixture. The aim was to create a single fixture that brings harmony to a space which benefits from a high ceiling, large windows and plenty of natural light. The lighting company engineered a complex structure to give a sense of depth while maintaining practicality.

Viso Inc

Each light fixture is strategically placed, emulating a sense of strength while providing a sense of space and wonder. Standing at 265”/673cm tall from the ceiling and elevated 72”/183cm from the floor, the polished brass structure provided five levels of depth through its complex 26 rows of cells design. With a total of 236 cells, 12 of those give easy access to champagne glasses for functionality in the space.

Viso Inc

With a structure this size, Viso Inc had to be meticulous with the ways in which it would light the area. To ensure adequate light, 4 different lighting structures were suspended, each placed strategically to provide uniform light as required throughout the day. This custom design spans 312”/792.5cm across, covering the space and providing a different angle and view throughout the bakery. To complement the design, shelves with transparent bases were also created, with the same material and finish, putting the finishing touch on Viso Inc’s masterpiece.

Viso Inc

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