Le Royal Meridien Hotel Interior by Stack Studio

Stack Studio Have been shortlisted for Hotel Suite – Asia Pacific Award in The international Hotel and Property Awards 2021.

This refurbishment has lived up to expectations, integrating the concept of connecting Chinese and Western, where the architectural base and the furniture provides a modern look and the soft furnishings and artwork enrich the space with colour, textures and cultural remarks.

The concept revolves around Mulan wearing military uniform, exuding the glory of the Qianlong period, In the bedroom, a large-scale art painting ‘The Qianlong Emperor Chasing a Deer on a Hunting Trip’ (by Giuseppe Castiglione, Qing Dynasty, period) stands near the window.

The suites were designed to provide a comfortable yet luxurious experience for the business and leisure traveller, with an oversized desk, comfortable living space, a generous walk in wardrobe and a feature bathroom with a unique design.

When it comes to the guestrooms corridor and lift lobby, the intent was to provide a sense of calm luxury, as is walking to an art gallery where truly unique and bespoke elements are incorporated to the design, such as custom lanterns to the lift indicators,

The significantly upgraded experience can be felt immediately upon reaching the elevator hall on the executive floor. The amber elevator arrival instructions start a noble journey. The large-format stone is enclosed by the introduction of metal and modern techniques, showing nobleness and exceeding the times.

To take advantage of the project’s prime location, the layout was designed so that guests would be able to take in and enjoy the incredible views of Shanghai from every room of the suites without any obstacles, either lying in bed or in the chaise lounge, while relaxing in the bathtub, or while working in the living area.

The layout has been thoroughly considered to ensure effective circulation of the suites and that the design is both spacious and functional. To tie each area of the scope intricate details have been carried throughout the suites, corridor and lift lobby.

The use of a variety of special artistic metals on the walls and furniture restores Qianlong’s armor in an abstract way. Coupled with the looming light of silk satin upholster, the designer tells the story of the balance between strength and femininity.

Stack Studio

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