The Stafford Hotel by Rosendale Design

Rosendale Design have been shortlisted for Restaurant Within a Hotel – Europe Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020. 

This was formerly a small restaurant with very little atmosphere however the design and interiors have now turned this around.  Celebrating the hotels lovely architecture through the use of colour and feature lighting, the space is now more inviting with a much warmer feel. A new island bar, new wine displays, and food offering displays have completely transformed the space and given the restaurant visual beacons calling one’s attention.

The designers have looked at what the Stafford as a hotel really is and what the people staying here and frequenting here really want to experience. Rosendale Design believe for the most part that is a quintessential British space in, if not, one of the most coveted English Cities. They have harnessed what the Stafford is and celebrated it and its history. One reason the Stafford has continued to work with them is that the designers are sympathetic to who they are and the clientele that visit the hotel.

An essential part of the project was making sure the new design and that the changes being made were sympathetic to the local environment this meant that Rosendale had to work closely with the local council. Specialist scenic artists were used to hand paint the marble columns in the Game Bird restaurant.

The Stafford is an ongoing project that has thrown up many challenges. As a young and enthusiastic studio, Rosendale Design have met these challenges and dealt with them without causing project delays. One of the biggest challenges is working on a hotel that continues to trade at such a high standard and as such the comfort of the stating guests is paramount to anything else.

Rosendale Design

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