HILTON2stargazerThis week, Bangkok-based architecture and interior design firm DWP have made the shortlist for the International Hotel & Property Awards 2013, hosted by interior design magazine design et al.

HORIZON rooftop restaurant and bar – a fascinating project to redefine the dining experience from the 34th floor at the Hilton Pattaya was first opened to the public mid 2012.

The project posed an interesting design challenge from the outset, pushing its designers to rethink the limitations of an 800sqm area that was not originally intended for F&B use. Meticulous planning and a carefully considered application of clean lines allowed the designers to extend beyond the building and create a suspended ’Infinity Bar’ offering guests a unique starlit view of the skyline.

Inside, finishes were inspired by a concept of unveiling light to dark through each area. At the guest welcome point, DWP began by employing black granite flooring, artificial timber slats and smoked mirror walls. Further along, clear glass panels maximize fantastic oceans views, while fibre optic lighting in the main lobby mimics, ‘a dining moment underneath the stars’.

The most striking aspect of the rooftop experience however, is the “Stargazer Lounge” which allows guests to observe the night sky through a circular opening in the overhanging roof –  an architectural feature designed to harness the aesthetics of an impressive panorama above and main sweep of the bay below. The outdoor lounge is completed with organic shaped furniture. It achieves an effect that is both spacious and intimate, providing guests with a sense of stylish exclusivity high above the vibrant bustle of Pattya’s busy beach area and shopping complexes; a piece of luxury.



design et al

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