Congratulations to Stef Albert who has been shortlisted for a Private Jet Design Concept Award

LUXE et al are delighted to announce that Stef Albert has been shortlisted for a Private Jet Design Concept Award  in The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2016

Stef Albert executes ultimate luxury and elegance of the highest calibre for this private Airbus 380. The finest surface materials and conveniences takes style at 40k feet to new standards. Spacious, calm, sophisticated and reflective of success and privilege, this aircraft emulates mastery of beauty.


The Spacious bedrooms and a sense of penthouse living while flying around the globe make this project feel like the epitome of luxury.Owning a private aircraft is a luxury, but owning a private Airbus 380 is most likely the crown jewel of success. To reflect just that, the owners called in the expertise of Stef Albert to conceive ultimate luxury and style for cruising international skies. As a professional who spends a great deal of his time in the air, not a single detail or convenience was left to chance. From custom coloured leather and seating with built-in massage features, to top quality cashmere and wool blend carpeting, exotic wood panelling and state of the art technology, this aircraft is nothing shy of a cruising dream of bliss. Flat screens projecting art from the owner’s private collection alternate depending on time of day or night.



With two bedrooms and bathrooms, a dining room and a lounge with bar, flying is but an extension of the luxury Stef Albert created for the same owner’s homes in five countries. Besides the spacious interior proportions, the design reflects a calm and sophisticated aesthetic. Complete with custom manufactured porcelain, crystal stemware bearing the owner’s family crest, thousand thread-count sheets and gold plated seat belts, all aspects of this project emulate beauty and excellence.


 Stef Albert