Steigenberger Hotel Treudelberg by Meierei Innenarchitektur

Meierei Innenarchitektur Design München have been shortlisted for Hotel Under 200 Rooms – Europe Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

For Steigenberger Hotel Treudelberg, Meierei Innenarchitektur believed that the flair of the old urban Hamburg should be combined with the new Hamburg which is on the outskirts – celebrating festivals in the countryside, playing golf and knowing exactly how elegance looks. Old manor houses still radiate the down-to-earth, rustic life and these are the qualities that also shape the design of the Hotel Treudelberg.

Meierei Innenarchitektur Design München

Here, individual guest houses with clinker brick facades are grouped around different courtyards. The green expanse of the golf course connects directly to the houses on the park side. Meierei Innenarchitektur’s concept for this project was to depict the range of a fresh love of the country to an elegant rendezvous.

Meierei Innenarchitektur Design München

The design concept of the property is based on two different material and colour worlds. For the public areas the designers chose clear and strong colours, which is in contrast to the delicate and elegant colours found in the guest rooms and suites for a more relaxing ambience. The common thread is the design compass to combine the variety of materials and colours in a coherent setting.

Meierei Innenarchitektur’s task was focused on rejuvenating the character and personality by revitalising the house. The building may no longer have the purpose of the country house, but it still has elegance and nonchalance, subtle glamour, and true interior.

Meierei Innenarchitektur Design München

A well-established house that has many regular guests and is ageing cannot simply be gutted and re-papered. There were constraints for Meierei Innenarchitektur, both emotionally and functionally, which needed to be understood in the first step before the designers put their plan in place. Listening and watching was crucial to understanding what was necessary in the process of redesigning. Every design decision made was to reveal a piece of the hotel’s soul that consists of far more than the interior aesthetics.

Meierei Innenarchitektur Design München

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