The Stephen B. Jacobs Group, PC are Shortlisted for the IH&P Awards 2014

design et al are pleased to announce that The Stephen B. Jacobs Group, PC have been successfully shortlisted for the Hotel 50-200 Rooms Award in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2014.

The Breakwater Hotel is a combination of two historic, art deco hotels located in the South Beach Historic District. Both buildings were obsolete, and in a poor state of repair. The buildings were constructed around a central courtyard, which fronts on Ocean Drive. The team’s inspiration was the Art Deco theme of the historic district, but their approach was interpretive, creating a modern interior with Art Deco references, either as iconic elements or as art. The program required that the two buildings be transformed into a boutique lifestyle hotel, attracting a younger clientèle. The project’s Ocean Drive location is the heart of the most vibrant and active part of South Beach, with a direct view of the ocean, a perfect location for the target market.


The ground floor of the hotel is a centre of activity. The front porch and courtyard are filled with diners enjoying their libations. Pedestrians walking on Ocean Drive are immersed in the activity spilling onto the sidewalk. To add to the vibe, a new glass fronted swimming pool has been constructed on the roof of an existing one story structure at the rear of the courtyard, in the middle of the action, so that guests can enjoy a spectacular view of the beach and the ocean while swimming underwater.


The hotel lobby is located in the Breakwater building, and is a study of contrasts. Ultra-modern furniture has been mixed with iconic Art Deco pieces, set against the restored background of the space. The residential scale of the lobby conveys a sense of intimacy, with many clues that the guest’s stay will be full of excitement and adventure.


The new room sizes are very generous, and have been designed with the comfort of the guest in mind. All of the guest’s needs have been carefully considered and incorporated into the room design. The focus of the room is a unique headboard designed by Andi Pepper, inspired by Art Deco fabrics, and printed in ultramarine. This is set against a neutral background with accents of lime, creating a harmonious, beach-oriented environment. Lighting is a key component of guest comfort. An original chandelier designed with Art Deco touches provides the ambient lighting. Goose neck LED lights fill in for reading lamps. Task lighting is also provided at the desk.


The bathroom layout is also unique. A huge vanity counter containing two sinks and a makeup area spans one whole side of the bathroom. Guests find ample space for their toiletries and makeup on the multiple glass shelves and niches that are provided in convenient locations. Two walls of the bathroom are sheathed in tiny, golden coloured glass mosaic, contrasted by the white ceramic slabs that cover the other walls. A gray limestone colored floor unifies the other finishes and is in harmony with the neutral background colors of the guestroom. The lighting in the bathroom has been carefully considered, and is both functional and decorative. A recessed light cove illuminates the back wall of the bathroom so that the mosaic tile glistens and reflects the two back lighted mirrors mounted above each sink, emphasizing the spa quality of the bathroom. The guest has been provided with lighting options in the bathroom that are both functional and utilitarian, and at the guest’s choice, also can be adapted. Like all Stephen B. Jacobs Group, PC/Andi Pepper Interior Design hotels, the Breakwater also has a rooftop venue, used for a bar/lounge space and hospitality entertaining.