Stevens Lawson Architects Compete in the IY&A Awards 2015

design et al are pleased to announce shortlist success for Stevens Lawson Architects in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015. Starfish will compete for the Yacht Concept over 40 metres Award.


The interior concept for Starfish draws inspiration from beautiful machines, nautical traditions and nature. Shiny metallic surfaces and carbon fibre forms are combined with natural wood, leather and stone to create an atmosphere that is both contemporary and classic. Nautical motifs of circles and stripes are reinterpreted as distinctive design themes to create a fresh aesthetic experience. The beautiful machine combines both function and style – not only is it beautiful but it is also beautiful to use.


The beautiful machine is progressive and modern, it pushes boundaries. It utilises technology to create new experiences. Adventure has never been so glamorous. Materials are used in a pure and simple way emphasising their inherent beauty. Wood, stone, leather, wool, stainless steel and carbon fibre are combined and contrasted to create a distinctive atmosphere. Shiny surfaces are contrasted with matt, smooth textures with coarse, natural materials with industrial.


The Saloon is streamlined, spacious and flooded with natural light. It features extensive full height glazing capturing spectacular views. At night the interior becomes a ‘theatre of light’, with glowing onyx walls and coloured rings of light floating within the metallic ‘moonscape’ deckhead. Oiled oak floors create a sense of spaciousness and comfort and the furnishings evoke a sense of luxury and modern glamour, combining elegant forms with sensuous materials.


The sculptural dining table crafted from wood and stone becomes the centrepiece of the saloon. Cabinetry and wall linings are crafted from a richly textured sustainable Australian hardwood. The ultra-durable grey and white striped ceramic decks give a fresh contemporary look. Panoramic windows bisected by brushed stainless steel columns form an arc around the owner’s stateroom. A wall of glowing onyx stone creates a sense of refined luxury in the owner’s stateroom and charcoal mirrors veiled by silver sheer curtains create a dramatic effect in the guest staterooms.