Studio Cichero srl Shortlisted for the Yacht Concept Over 40 Metres Award in the IY&A Awards 2015

design et al are pleased to announce that Studio Cichero srl has been successfully shortlisted for the Yacht Concept over 40 metres Award in the fifth annual International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015.

Using his extensive experience in nautical design, Aldo Cichero has designed an innovative 163m mega yacht with a steel hull, alloy superstructure, twin screw propulsion and a cruise speed of about 16 knots.


The yacht consists of 8 VIP staterooms, 54 cabins, 60 bathrooms, 4 galleys, 2 main garages, 4 service boats, 4 rescue boats, 10 jetskis/ waverunners, 2 swimming pools, a fully equipped gym, a tennis court, a helipad, a cinema/ theatre, a decompression chamber, an infirmary and a deck entirely for the owner.


This new concept breaks the usual strategy in today’s mega yacht design for its overall design from the aesthetic and functional point of view. The external lines have no reference to other stylistic solutions that have appeared on the market. The shape of the aft upper decks with the colouring  of the hull and the form of the windows, simulates the dynamic effects of a luminous wake of filaments of a comet. The light plays a dominant role in the design; it combines natural and artificial lights in a unique solution for exterior and interior. There are large windows cut into the sides of the hull and the superstructure, which can be opened and provide an extraordinary panoramic view.


This mega yacht has been conceived for the pleasure of a long voyage with the full enjoyment of nature. Aldo Cichero thought to recreate an authentic exotic garden on board, to give the sensation of being on a island in the middle of the sea. The innovative cube on the flying bridge contains an oasis of tropical plants, inspired by ancient hanging gardens with many water games.