Studio Insign shortlisted in the Living Space Europe category

A historical building from 1881 which was renovated by Studio Insign has been shortlisted in the Living Space (Europe) category at the International Design & Architecture Awards 2015.

Noblesse Palace is a historical building from 1881 built by the famous architect Alexandru Savulescu in an eclectical style, being one of the first like this from Bucharest.

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The house was destroyed by time until 2013 when Studio Insign started the restoration works. It was a complicate process because a lot of the parts were falling appart.

Actually, our team refurbished the doors, the stoves and created new floors. Some of them are from marble and others from wood. Each room is decorated in a different style, a combination of classic with contemporary elements. The wall-coverings, the fabrics and the furniture were chosen in order to create a very cosy and intimate atmosphere, but also to recreate the air of the end of the 19th century.

The restoration works were ended at the beginning of this year.

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