Stylt Trampoli Compete for Restaurant Within a Hotel Award (Europe)

design et al are delighted to announce that Stylt Trampoli have once again been shortlisted in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2015. They will compete for Restaurant Within a Hotel Award(Europe).

DiningRoomWall-GotthardsKrogbyStyltTrampoli (Large)

Gotthards Krog is the restaurant of Stora Hotellet, our saltwater-scented grand hotel in northern Sweden. It is named after the first proprietor of the hotel, Gotthard Zetterberg, a man about whom many tales were told – some true, some less so.

DiningRoom-GotthardsKrogbyStyltTrampoli (Large)

Today’s Gotthards is, like the rest of the hotel, a thrilling mix of the plush and the rough – the velvet sofa is crowned with a carved skull, octopuses lurk in the wallpaper, and the cosy booths are lit by ship’s lanterns. The motifs of the hotel rooms – tall ships, hourglasses, Neptune with his fork, seagulls and ropework – can also be found on the specially designed blue-and-white tableware.?

Bar-GotthardsKrogbyStyltTrampoli (Large)

Decorated with knick-knacks from around the world ? sea shells, bronze fish, ancient vases, and stuffed starfish that fill the windows, ledges and other random spots around the restaurant.

CarvedSofa-GotthardsKrogbyStyltTrampoli (Large)

The design is a continuation of the hotel concept, making the restaurant an integral part of the whole. At the same time, the restaurant has its own character and its own story to tell.