Stylt Trampoli Enjoy Further Shortlist Success in the IH&P Awards 2014

design et al are delighted to announce further shortlist success for Stylt Trampoli in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2014. Le Pain Français sur L’Avenue Bistro and Café will compete for the Restaurant Award.


A spectacularly warped piece of La Belle Epoque Paris in the heart of Gothenburg, straight from a time when the future was bright, science was our friend and the possibilities were endless.


Le Pain Français is a successful chain of French-inspired cafés in Gothenburg, a city with a thriving café culture. When the owners acquired this fantastic four-story location smack in the middle of the main boulevard, they knew they had an opportunity to create the ultimate flagship for their chain – the bistro, bar and café they had been dreaming of.


Their design brief to Stylt Trampoli was simple: Take it to the next level. La Librairie des Curiosites, the third-floor Gothic lounge, features glass cabinets filled with antique objets d’art, toys, books, natural history curiosities and much more, all carefully handpicked from the heaving tables of the legendary flea markets of Paris. With its purple velvet couches, glittering chandeliers and mysterious atmosphere, there is absolutely nowhere better to enjoy elaborate and elegant French pastries, macarons and mousses.


The design works because the design team have done their homework before they started drawing, so that all aspects of the interior are based on the same story, the same concept. The design forms a coherent whole, which in turn contributes to an impressive guest experience that won’t be soon forgotten.