Success again for ZZ Architects with a stunning Residential Swimming Pool project

ZZ Architects from Mumbai, have been short listed for the Residential Swimming Pool award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2013.

A unique opportunity to create a spectacular pool on the 32nd floor in the city.


The overall terrace space is a little above 2000 sq.ft. Mosaic from Sicis has been sourced to ensure that the pool has a unique and translucent feel. The material palette is kept very neutral. Special leather finish artificial marble and ipe wood has been used as the main materials throughout the space. Apart from the pool, the deck has some space for seating and also a special feature is the use of a steam and shower unit from Duravit that has been encased in a glass cube for private use.



The chromotherapy feature of the unit can also be used as a lighting element to enhance the pool deck. Lighting always can make or break a space. In this case the lighting just elevates the overall sensory appeal of the space. The demure and normally inconspicuous dots in the stone actually light up in the night as twinkling stars. The fibre-optic installation just adds an amazing effect to the space and truly makes it one of a kind.