Success & Associate Engineering Co Ltd have been shortlisted for the Asia-Pacific Design and Architecture Awards 2013


Success & Associate Engineering Co Ltd have been shortlisted for the Residential £1-£2.5 million in the Asia-Pacific Interior Design and Architecture Awards 2013 (enter here)

Based in Hong Kong, Success and Associate Co Ltd designed and developed the three story apartment from scratch. This well-designed penthouse features natural black color marble flooring and barcode
like glass mirror. The chandelier highlights the feature of the stairs as the focal point, creating a unique spatial experience. A Black ceiling mirrors at the dining area, it visually
extends the ceiling height and creates a spacious effect. The designer recalls the idea translated to a barcode like parallel stripes which gives a sense of complexity glass mirror
to add a stronger dimensional effect at the living room. Behind the glass mirror it can be open and transform into a function room combination of two living area. An
unconventionally high ceiling allows maximum amount of natural light to come in the premise. The adjacent dining area is separated by wine room that offers the perfect
venue for comfort drinks and intimate chats. While a variety materials including marble, glass and stainless steel adds visual interest to the space.

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