Further success for Banda Property: Shortlisted for City Space Award

design et al are pleased to announce that Banda Property been shortlisted for a CitySpace UK Award in the International Design and Architecture Awards 2016.

The two apartments comprising the Heritage Collection are the showcase element of the Parkgate House renovation and the second and final stage of the development. The first stage of this renovation sold out within 24 hours of its launch.

Banda Property’s aim was to breathe new life into this historic building of traditional style and huge architectural opportunity inside and out.


The design was to present lateral living on a supreme level with 2000 square feet of open plan living space and 500 square feet each for the bathrooms and master bedroom space. It was to create a sleek, highly functional, highly luxurious and yet understated living environment reflecting its location.

The Heritage Collection, Parkgate House sits within Battersea’s ‘creative quarter’ – home to the Royal College or Art, the Vivienne Westwood and Victoria Beckham former studios as well as architects Foster + Partners and Will Alsop. Within these Cityspace apartments neutral tones and natural textured materials were used to create a classic feel juxtaposed with the clean lines of a modern lifestyle. The Moroccan inspired wall plastering was purposed to create a strong sense of warmth within the space.


Rebecca Wakefield, creative director of Banda Property said: “My favourite aspect of this project was working with the experts in their respective design fields to create unrivalled finishes and supreme contemporary living. Bottom-filling baths, demisting glass, natural wool carpets, oak joinery borders and tablet controllable comfort and entertainment are just some examples of the quality in our design for living.”

She went on to say: “One of the reasons this design works so well is the exceptional feeling of space that the vast living areas and 3.3m tall ceilings create. The beautifully restored arched windows stand side-by-side creating a virtually uninterrupted dual aspect for maximum space and light.”


Banda Property have four more design-led projects underway in 2016. Each one is unique with a totally independent look and feel. Banda Property will never work to templates – their mission is to create buildings sympathetic to their surroundings and to raise the aesthetic value of each given area. They aim to create homes of beauty: the finest living space possible combining the ultimate in contemporary design for modern living and comfort with traditional craftsmanship to create awe-inspiring style inside and out.

Banda Property