Congratulations to Jeffrey Beers International who have won Hotel Suite Americas & Caribbean Category

design et al are delighted to announce that Jeffrey Beers International have won the Hotel Suite Award Americas and Caribbean Category in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2016.

The 52 newly renovated rooms showcase 5 different layouts, each one embellished with luxurious textures and clean lines with its own private outdoor space to create a serene haven for the guest to relax and enjoy.
Marrying classical, romantic colonial architecture with elegant interiors to create a sense of effortless glamour and sophistication with a dramatic flare. All without sacrificing the welcoming warmth that comes naturally to this traditional beach destination.
It was important to draw from the venues location and inspired by the natural surroundings of the island, the color scheme is focused primarily on breezy neutrals and deep blues with pops of crimson to reflect this.

Bedroom 2

The interiors are based on a ship’s cabin with the headboards of walnut and embossed with leather, ceilings of walnut planks with white wood beams and solid white walls. Bedside pendant lights hang from cast metal ropes, providing a cozy glow that adds to the warm atmosphere and a distinctly nautical feel.


The adjacent courtyard pulls its design from the natural assets that surround it. From the lush greenery that and magenta bougainvillea trestles that compliment the mostly neutral furnishings to the central fountain covered in iridescent blue and white mosaic tiles and ringed with lanterns that serves as the courtyard’s focal point.
Allowing the new design to flow seamlessly with the other existing elements on the property maintained the colonial flavor that has charmed guests for years whilst simultaneously ensuring the experience is enhanced with each visit.

Bathroom 2

Jeffrey Beers International