Further Success for Jennifer Brouwer Design who have been shortlisted again for a Kitchen Over £25,000 Award

design et al are delighted  to announce the further success of  Jennifer Brouwer Design who has once again been shortlisted for a Kitchen over £25,000 Award in the The International Design and Architecture Awards 2016.

Wanting to upgrade a space to avoid the hassle of moving to a larger property, a family of four requested a renovation for the entire main floor with the kitchen at the heart of the design. As a highly functional space, the key was to optimize what was already there as well as bring beauty and light into the design.


The result is crisp and clean with a theme revolving around the gleaming white that emanates from the kitchen and carries through to the surrounding rooms. The nautical grey of the kitchen island capped with a white counter works off the silver accents in the handles to bring a sophisticated air without losing the romance. Dreamy teals in the furnishings add a playful tone to this family home.

Fully customized kitchen cabinets offer an elegant storage solution that showcases the stainless steel appliances and makes them part of the design. Having therm built to order means that they fit the kitchen’s space perfectly, making use of every available space without intruding or seeming cluttered. Indeed, the design flows so well that it looks as though it has always there.


Continuity in pattern can be seen with the nautical stripes in the blinds which compliments the grey of the cabinets and the delicate beige patterns in the carpets which are echoed in the soft furnishings. With a clean look and a luxurious feel, the space is practical and hard-wearing as well as stylish.


Jennifer Brouwer Design